Do you want to draw & paint magical whimsical faces on your own?

...even if you’re a complete beginner and feel your greatest talent is scribbling smileys or stick figures 

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Hint: talent has little to do with drawing. How come?!

Hint: talent has little to do with drawing. How come?!

I've done a research: having a talent isn’t the only thing you need to draw well (yes, even faces).
Many even agree that it takes 80% of practice/skill and only 20% of talent.
So, what's been stopping you?

Maybe you haven’t incorporated faces into your art because you’ve been afraid of how they’ll look (cartoony, alien-like, childish, etc.)

Or, you’ve been lurking on YouTube for tutorials to help you grow your drawing skills, but still you can't seem to get the face features right

You might also be tired of using magazine images when you just want to be able to draw your own faces

You can't seem to draw the mouth or eyes properly, and your girl looks like she's high on acid (I know, I've been there).

If you feel like you’re useless at whimsical faces and only love them when others do them but it's THE ONE thing you would really love to be able to do…

You CAN learn how to do it. Remember 80/20% ratio? What could you do with this 80% even if you feel you missed the talent train? 


Drawing and Painting Whimsical Faces for Beginners

A complete step-by-step guide for drawing whimsical faces focusing on the hardest things beginners face and making them super simple and achievable (using the Easy Whimsy Method) & painting them in watercolor without feeling like your hands and brush are at war.

One-time purchase of $47


Going from Oh, no, I can’t draw to Look what I drew! I still can’t believe I’m doing it.

'I became addicted to painting whimsical faces! '

Play video to hear what she says:

My skills were basic. I haven't been drawing in a really long time, and even then I was only good in repeating something simple someone else has already drawn I didn't experiment much.

I liked the tempo of the lessons and the structure in learning proportions and parts of the face. That was the first time someone showed me how to draw. I was surprised at how good I am when following instructions and how good I've gotten in drawing whimsical faces on my own.

The thing I liked the most is how Ivana encouraged us to experiment and brake the rules, to make the faces our own, especially when painting the hair. The course was wonderful, exhilarating and highly addictive because now I can not stop painting.

- Andrea Kovac -


Can you imagine... 

Having the confidence to have another go at faces and the courage to draw them directly in your art journal 

Being able to draw facial features easily and quickly without erasing like crazy

Being able to draw faces that look human from the start, nicely-proportioned and not weird-looking

Knowing how to paint magical whimsical faces so you can bring them to life & create feminine, magical ladies 

Knowing exactly how to paint shadows and highlights 

Being able to make soft & dreamy whimsy faces that'll bring more magic to your art and finally being in love with your work

How can you achieve all this?

In the Whimsical Faces course you’ll get everything you need to start drawing whimsical faces even if you believe you suck at drawing

The course is great for those with less experience including 6 modules with short videos that teach you:

A proven face formula for setting regular AND whimsical face proportions (and their differences)

How to draw each facial feature with Easy Whimsy method using shapes and lines so you can easily draw faces always being sure you’ll nail it

Three easy watercolor techniques for painting your faces that don’t require advanced skills

Have a peek...

course lessons

Three start-to-finish tutorials

At the end of the course, we paint 3 different ladies together, from start to finish, including all the drawing steps and painting techniques.

They'll help you practice what you've learned in the course, plus I share tons of tips so you can grow as a whimsical faces artist.

Plus sweet bonuses

A private FB group for students only to share your progress, ask for feedback, or just hang out

A printable drawing & painting resource guide to have as a reference whenever you need it

Bonus lesson on how to draw and paint gorgeous hair so you girls look stunning & magical

One-time purchase of $47

Check what others say...

'This really looks like an actual face! '

This is how Barbara transformed her whimsical drawings on the first try. She says:

OMG Ivana, this really looks like a face, an actual face! I'm shocked!

- Barbara Tursan Misic -

Her first face is also cute, but she wanted to improve, and she nailed it.

'I think I can draw eyes now! '

And this is how Lori finally drew eyes she's in love with! She followed the Easy Whimsy Method for drawing whimsy eyes and she's done an amazing job.

'Loved this class! '

'I'm just starting to feel comfortable drawing and painting - I love your style - if fits perfectly with my personality. Your girls make me smile - thank you.

You covered some things that I already knew which was good and you added a few bits that I had no idea about e.g.) eyebrow and lip proportions - I absolutely love the glazing technique! Loved this class! '

- Vicki Cooke -

whimsical faces by andrea

'I was surprised at how good I've gotten at drawing whimsical faces on my own.'

Andrea K. has been playing with drawing and painting whimsical faces and her ladies look awesome.

She didn't give up, followed the lessons and she can draw on her own.

You can do this, too!

Why on earth would you listen to me?

I've always wanted to draw, but only later in life, I started drawing faces. They looked…well…not as I wanted them to be. So, I was freakin’ scared to draw but I persisted and it’s paid off. Big time. 

Today, I can draw whimsical faces, I know what works and what doesn’t and I’ve developed a simple method for drawing faces that anyone can be good at.

But it’s also important that I love teaching what I know. It brings me enormous joy when I see my students improve their skills with my help.

Moreover, teaching is my profession, it’s in my blood. I’ve taught kids, teenagers, and adults and I’m familiar with the quirks of teaching. My style is simple, always focused on beginners, and structured in step-by-step systems.

Although I always motivate my students, I’m not afraid of giving you positive criticism.  After all, your success is my success, too.

For more inspo...

I'm sharing one of my first faces when I used a ruler to draw, knew nothing about proportions, or shading. I love her, tough. But I wanted to improve...

So, here's also the most recent whimsical face I've created. I've figured out what works for beginners, and I'm proudly sharing that in this course. My goal is to make everything easy and non-overwhelming.

and some other recent ladies...

Finally bring your faces to life and create magical ladies that'll make you love drawing so much you'll hate doing anything else

One-time purchase of $47

If you buy the course but feel it isn't for you, you can ask for a refund within 7 days of your purchase.

still have questions?

Will I really be able to draw if I don’t have any talent?

As I already said, talent has nothing to do with this. Most artists of this world say that developing their skill by practice was more beneficial than having a talent. 

I was a beginner once. I grew up thinking I couldn't draw. But with practice, I developed the skill.

Here's a quote I found recently: The difference between people with a talent for drawing vs. people without a remarkable talent is that talented people will learn how to do it faster. 

So, forget about having a talent. Even those with inborn talent have to practice and learn.

What you need is patience and practice, and you'll get there.

I've seen people with little talent get really good at drawing faces (myself included).

Don't give up on yourself. I won't :)


What exactly is the Easy Whimsy Method?

Look, we all use similar or same techniques when drawing faces. There are establisheed techniques all of artists use and they work. I'm not saying I invented something completely new, because that's impossible.

However, I've figured out what works for beginners so that they can draw faces in the easiest way possible and still make them pretty. 

That's why I want to teach you how to do this by using lines and shapes so that you have a simple system to rely on every time you create.

Also, I don't want you to be discouraged if your first attempt isn't perfect (what's perfect anyway?). The Easy Whimsy method will give you strong grounds to actually start with something tangible and develop as you practice.

Yeah but, faces are tough to draw and I’m useless at drawing

Yes, faces are hard to draw. But drawing whimsical faces is way easier because they give you the opportunity to develop your skills while having more creativity and imagination (and space for imperfection, which is just an amazing thing, especially to beginners).

Honestly, I can't draw everything, not even flowers. They always look like child's drawings, but how can we be good at drawing everything? 

So, even if you feel you're useless at drawing in general, or have no talent, you can develop a skill for drawing whimsical faces. I'm a living proof of that.

I firmly believe in this because I've seen it, I've experienced it.

How do I know this course is for me?

This course is for you if:

  • One thing you keep trying is drawing faces but you just can't seem to do it
  • You feel like a complete beginner who doesn't know where to start or how to make faces look pretty
  • All your ladies either turn out like aliens or monkey faces, but you want to draw a pretty girl
  • You can't seem to get the proportions right and something is always off, like faces too long, nose too big, eyes look like the face is screaming, etc.
  • You've tried YouTube tutorials but you still feel you haven't set the good grounds for drawing the face and the features so you can draw on your own

The course is perfect for you if you're a beginner who desperately wants to make their art more magical by making whimsical faces, but you need a simpe approach that won't overwhelm you and will actually give you results faster than before.

This course ISN'T FOR YOU if you've already mastered face proportions and can intuitively draw facial features without much trouble.

What will I learn, again?

You'll learn how to set the right proportions for a regular face as well as whimsical faces and be able to see the difference.

Also, you'll be able to draw whimsical facial features easily with the Easy Whimsy method for beginners. This means gorgeous, deep eyes, full lips, and normal noses (not piggy ones).

Finally, you'll master 3 simple watercolor techniques for painting whimsy faces including: a soft-looking face, an easy method for painting shadows of the face, and an easy magical technique for an abstract look.

Plus, you'll get a bonues lesson on painting gorgeous hair that'll just spice up your drawings and make them even more magical.

What's included in the course?

The course includes 6 main modules:

  • Whimsical face basics
  • How to set the right proportions
  • How to draw facial features using the Easy Whimsy Method
  • Let's draw together the whole face from scratch
  • Watercolors basics
  • 3 easy techniques for painting whimsy faces

Plus, you'll get these bonuses:

  • A Drawing and Painting Guide Book
  • A private Facebook group for feedback
  • Extra lesson for painting gorgeous and magical hair
How much does it cost?

The price is $47.

What art supplies will I need?

Since this is a course for beginners, you won’t need many art supplies to finish the course, so you’d need: 

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Paper or art journal (watercolor or heavier mixed media paper)
  • Black waterproof pen/marker (this can be optional, we’ll use it for outlining our sketch)
  • Watercolors
  • Round brush
  • A white pen or marker (this can also be optional and you can replace it with acrylic paint or ink)

If you only have a pen, eraser and watercolors plus a brush, you're good to go. You can always paint the details with colored pencils or markers.

But my best advice is to have watercolor paper or heavier mixed media paper because we'll work with watercolors.

How is the course delivered?

This is an online course and once you purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email with all the info on how to access it. You’ll need to create a user name and a password and then you’ll have full access to the course, for life.

You can work at your own pace, there are no time limits. I'm always in the course so you can ask me questions and feedback.

To be able to follow the lessons, you need a good internet connection. I also suggest going through the course on your computer rather than on a mobile phone, since the mobile screens are tiny.

Note: this is not a physical product and nothing will be delivered to your home address. This is a completely digital, online course that you can access in the membership area of the course.

What if I purchase and realize this course isn't for me?

If that happens, I offer a 7-day guarantee. So, if you start the course and decide it isn’t for you, you can ask for a refund. 

How long do I have access to the course?

You’ll have a life-long access to the course. This means that, as long as my business and the course are alive, you’ll have access to it, even all the updates I may add in the future. 

If at some point, this course will no longer be active, I’ll let you know in advance, so you can download all the resources.

If I have any additional questions, where can I reach you?

You can always send me an email at and I’ll answer your questions as soon as possible.

What my other students say


While I have good basic drawing skills, I struggle with believing I can and ccoosing things to draw. With faces it always felt like a struggle.

I felt the course realy made it all come together and made it flow. My aha moment was the shading guide. I loved this course and my faces that came from it. Other whimsical type face lessons before never made me feel like I could do it on my own. Thank You!

Beth Welch

Tired of drawing weird-looking faces when you just want to create pretty girls and make your art more magical?

The course is perfect for you if you're a beginner who desperately wants to make their art more magical by making whimsical faces, but you need a simpe approach that won't overwhelm you and will actually give you results faster than before.

One-time purchase of $47